Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reasons of Hard Drive Controller Failure and Data Recovery

When you are working on you computer and get an error message- 1782 Disk Controller failure and it gives you the option to go into the boot or BIOS. When you try to boot it, it fails and displays just a black screen. When you boot it with bootable CD and try install the Operating system, it allows you to install but when you restart the system, it display some other error messages and fails. It may be a strange problem for you and may put you in trouble.

This problem most commonly happens because of the disk controller failure. Disk controller is a circuit that allows your computer to communicate with hard drive. Today, hard drives contain inbuilt disk controllers. For instance, hard drive called “SCSI drive” has in-built SCSI drive controllers.

Hard drive controller may fail due to numerous reasons. Some to these common reasons are as follows: -

1. Improper setting of the adapter in slab

2. Incomplete installation of hard drive

3. Unintentional or accidental deletion due to human error

4. Improper connection of hard drive with system

5. Bad sector in mother board

6. Partitioning distortion

7. Confliction of IRQ with other drives

This is the general hard drive failure and cause due to any of the above reasons. It may create many problems such as fail disk at boot time; prevent to access the hard drive, preventing the drive from booting and making the detection of the drive impossible in the BIOS setup program.

Whatever the effect, finally it makes the data inaccessible for you from your hard drive and result in the hard drive failure. The hard drive failure will cause data loss. In this way you loss your precious data from your hard drive and you need for data recovery to recover these lost data.

In such conditions your data lost due to the hardware failure. It might be possible that the data is available on your drive, but you are unable to access it. In such circumstances, you need for data recovery services. In data recovery service, experienced professional will repair the physically damaged hard drive.

They have special data recovery labs called Clean Room to repair your hard drive. They will replace the hard drive controller and connect your drive with healthy system. If it is working properly and data is accessible then it’s ok otherwise they will recover your lost data with the help of data recovery software.